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How To Wear Saree

Odhni Sarees  How To Wear Saree

How To Wear Saree In Different Trendy Styles

A perfect fashionista knows what to wear and how to look beautiful for the perfect occasion. And along with that, many other questions also come to mind like what to wear at a traditional wedding or how to make it look more attractive. Saree is always considered as an ideal outfit for ladies in India. And it is very obvious that a beautiful draped saree comes into your mind. But what if it’s a birthday party or a casual dinner or a housewarming party then also you can wear same saree that can make you look ravishing and classy in the most casual way as well. Fashion industry has now blessed us with some of the beautiful drapes when it comes to wearing a saree on both casual and semi-casual occasion. At ODHNI, you can get a check on what different forms can one drape a saree to look pretty at any occasion.


One of the trendy styles which every woman loves to follow is short patli. It is a perfect casual style. This style can be nicely pleated from the pallu side. One can pin up the pallu on shoulder with a stylish brooch.

Tip: This kind of style becomes all time hit style. And if you are wearing a beautiful blouse then you must show it off to everyone.


It is also known as Floating style. It is famous amongst ladies as it gives classy look to the wearer. Most of the women love to wear such style which can be wornbin the common traditional way with simple pleats in the front and keep the pallu open.

Tip: Ladies if you do not want to seek attention on your blouse and your saree has a very beautiful palla to flaunt then just go for this style.


This style is also famous as the Mumtaz style. It gives a retro look to the wearer. The trick behind this saree style is you get the pleats early. Then you can drape your saree aroundbthe pleats by keeping the border visible at different heights.

Tip: Just pick up this kind of style if you love the border of your saree. Don’t ever wear a printed saree in this style.


In this style, you can make little modification and can keep the palla pleated a little on your elbow to keep your arms totally free. In this style, the saree is draped in the same way with simple pleats in the front.

Tip: One must choose this style if you really want to accentuate the border of your palla.


Traditionally this kind of saree style comes from Andhra Pradesh. This style is extremely popular amongst ladies as being an ideal professional Indian Attire. The saree is usually worn and well draped and makes you look elegant all the way. The palla of the saree is neatly and aesthetically pleated in the shoulder and well pinned up to the shoulder. You can also use a beautiful brooch to accessorize this style in more classy way. This style is definitely considered as one of the most comfortable drape style.


It is another indo-western design which attracts many of the girls these days. This kind of style generally evolved from the traditional Marathi saree and has Maharashtrian touch. To make it simple and easy, the saree is well draped over dhoti pants. You need to tuck this similarly like the pant style, just need to wear dhoti pants this time underneath.


To give a classy look of the mermaid gown, this style needs to be worn to accentuate your curves at the hip section and it also give a flare at the bottom. This type of style makes movement quite easy and is considered as the perfect style for wedding parties or evening dinners.


In this style, you can drape the sari like a skirt and also get your pallu stitched separately with the skirt. One can team this style up with trendy kamarbands and other classy embellished accessories.


If you wanted to go one step above the style then just go for it. This style has brought a new light in the fashion industry and most of the girls love to carry such style. This is one of the most amazing kinds of indo-western styles of draping a saree. All you need to follow below steps:

Wear a pair of leggings or pants instead of wearing a petticoat.

You just need to take the pallu of the saree and pleat it over your shoulder.

Then just bring the other side of saree around you and then tug it cleanly in the waist.

Now just pleat the remaining middle part of your saree cleanly in the middle and then you can tuck them nicely in the pants.

Tip: You can carry this kind of style with your favorite jacket or belt.


Casual Sarees have now another trendy style and one can wear it in most stylish way ever by keeping the patli extremely short. One can change the entire look of the outfit by adapting this style. This style adds an oomph factor to your overall personality. You need to make sure that you have an extremely beautiful blouse and the patli should be well embellished as well.


Bollywood has always given some of the great styles from Deepika Padukon’s ‘Batameez Dil’ toVidya Balan style sarees. And we all love to wear saree in Bollywood style as it is unique and trendy as well. Clearly, Bollywood celebrities keep trying new and hot ideas which influence all of us in many ways.